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AgriGold has established itself as a leader in Ohio providing corn genetics that fit the unique needs of the Buckeye state.  Our team of local Corn Specialists spend all of their time understanding and learning how to take our genetics and match them to your soils, farming practices and situations.

John Brien, AgriGold's regional Agronomists for Ohio provides additional agronomic support specific to Ohio.  See the articles from John below.

The ultimate proof of our success is in the results on your farm.  Each year we have thousands of satisfied growers participate in our plot program.  We have included some of highlights on this page.  View more results from your area at


John and the AgriGold agronomy team work tirelessly throughout the year in an effort to equip growers with every advantage possible in the coming season. Read some of the most recent articles written by our team.

2013 independentyield results

Data was derived from Integrated Ag Services, OHIO Summary represents all hybrids tested in 2013 with 21(+) locations throughout Ohio.

Yield Advantage Overcompetition

Data Source: Agrigold Database, 2013 results Comparisons are +/- maturity days of the hybrids being compared

consistent results matterintegrated ag yield trials from 2012

  • A6533VT3 · 2nd of 56
    A6517VT3Pro · 7th of 56

  • A6517VT3Pro · 1st of 56
    A6384VT3Pro · 5th of 56
    A6458VT3 · 9th of 56

  • A6436VT3Pro · 8th of 56
    A6533VT3 · 10th of 56

  • A6533VT3 · 1st of 56
    A6389VT3Pro · 4th of 56
    A6517VT3Pro · 5th of 56

  • A6458T3 · 5th of 55
    A648VT3Pro · 6th of 55
    A6517VT3Pro · 7th of 55

  • A6517VT3 · 1st of 53
    A6408VT3Pro · 2nd of 53
    A6486VT3Pro · 3rd of 53
    A6436VT3Pro · 4th of 53
    A6573VT3Pro · 6th of 53

  • A6517VT3 · 6th of 53
    A6486VT3Pro · 10th of 53

  • A6408VT3Pro · 1st of 53
    A6517VT3Pro · 3rd of 53
    A6533VT3 · 8th of 53

  • A6517VT3 · 7th of 46
    A6659VT3Pro · 10th of 46

  • A6517VT3 · 4th of 46
    A6486VT3Pro · 6th of 46
    A6533VT3 · 7th of 46
    A6659VT3Pro · 8th of 46
    A6458VT3 · 10th of 46

  • A6533VT3 · 4th of 46
    A6458VT3 · 6th of 46

corn knowledgesince 1936

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